Lawyers, judges, and law students in Southwestern Indiana have local and state resources available to help them with issues that could impair their ability to practice law. At a state level, the Indiana Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program (“JLAP”) is an agency of the Indiana Supreme Court designed to assist and educate the legal community in regard to impairment issues such as mental health, substance abuse and other addictions, age related problems, and other physical conditions. The staff at JLAP has clinical experience and connections for those seeking treatment options. For information on the workings of this committee and services that can be provided, go to

At a local level, the Lawyers Assistance Committee consists of Michele Bryant, Julie Moore Holtz, Becky Kasha, Chris Lenn, Teresa Perry McKeethen, Toby Shaw, Judge Wayne Trockman, and Keith Wallace. This Committee meets regularly and works with JLAP and other volunteers to provide confidential assistance to members of the legal community in need. If you or someone you know is struggling with an impairment issue, do yourself or your friend a favor and contact JLAP or a member of the local Committee. The Lawyers Assistance Committee does not require written or signed referrals, just an indication that a judge or lawyer may need some help. 

Local Volunteers Contact Information: 

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