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Legal News from Indiana Lawyer

The city of Cleveland says it is within its rights to tax visiting professional athletes based on the number of games they play a year because taxation is a matter of local jurisdiction.
The Indiana Supreme Court will hear an appeal involving a lawsuit seeking a lawmaker's emails and other correspondence with utility company officials over solar power legislation he sponsored.
It wasn’t until the 1990s that arbitration began to be seriously considered for family law cases. At that time there was no statute specifically directed to family law arbitration, and Indiana had no caselaw regarding family law arbitration. Our current statute, I.C. 34-57-5-1, et seq, was enacted in 2005. It answered many of the questions attorneys had.
The ambiguous phrase, “including but not limited to” in the state’s wrongful death statutes has again caught the attention of the Indiana Supreme Court, but this time the justices cautioned against broad interpretation.