Problem About Representation:
If you feel that your attorney has not represented you properly, you may file a grievance with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission, 30 S. Meridian Street, Ste. 850, Indianapolis IN 46204, Phone: 317.232.1807. You can find the Code of Professional Conduct, which governs attorney practice and behavior, and the Court Rules of the State of Indiana, at the Indiana Judicial System Web site . You may download a copy of the Grievance Form and/or a Brochure explaining the process. You may also call the EBA Office, 812. 463.3201, or e-mail , to request the complaint form, which you would then mail to the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission.

Problems About What You Have Been Charged:
If you and your attorney have a disagreement about the fees being charged, you may request the services of the EBA's Fee Arbitration Program. This program seeks to mediate such fee disputes, and is provided at no cost to the client or the attorney. You may call the EBA office, (812) 463.3201, or e-mail , to request the fee arbitration request form.